Essential Cleansing
Facial Massage with Pore Cleansing Clearing Masque and Moisturizer (25 minutes)

$ 30

Facial Toning (25 minutes)
Cleansing and Facial Massage.

$ 35

Charcoal Resurfacing & Detoxifying Facial Treatment (20 minutes)
Charcoal purifies and clarifies skin exposed to dulling pollution. It softens suface lines and minimized enlarged pores. Apply a layer of Resurfacing Mud & Charcoal Polish then rinse. Apply Detoxifying Mud and Charcoal Masque to revive youthful softness and clarity. It will detoxify pores and clearing impurities.

$ 35

Back Facial (30 minutes)
Cleansing treatment from shoulder to lower back. Exfoliation Mask followed by Relaxing Moisturizing Mask or Blemish Clearing Mask. Enjoy 10 minutes back massage followed by moisturizer.

$ 45

Chamomile & Red Tea Soothing Deluxe Facial (50 minutes)
Calms the look of sensitive skin and eases redness and other signs of irritation. Apply Orange Cleansing Souffle and Steam followed by Chamomile & Red Tea Soothing Masque. Apply last touches with Calming Bio Lipid Moisturizer and Solar Defender. Hand & Foot moisturizing treatment.

$ 60

Wheatgrass & Sage Purifying Deluxe Masque (50 minutes)
Purifies deep into pores to absorb impurities and degrease skin’s surface. Apply Pore Clearing Cleanser and Steam followed by Wheatgrass & Sage Purifying Masque. Apply last touches with Oil Free Moisturizer and Solar Defender. Hand and Foot moisturizing treatment.

$ 60

Antioxidant Superfruit Neutralizing Deluxe Masque (50 minutes)
Instantly revives undernourished skin for a healthy rejuvenated glow. Apply Orange Cleansing Souffle and Steam followed by Antioxidant Superfruit Neutralizing Deluxe Masque. Apply last Vitamin C & E and Solar Defender . Hand and Foot moisturizing treatment.

$ 60

Breakout-Acne Control Deluxe Facial (50 minutes)
Oil-clear cleanser zinc/camphor mask, hyperpigmentation lightening mask, Licorice fading and blemish control serum. Oil-free moisturizer with aromatherapy oil control serum. Hand and foot moisturizing treatment.

$ 60

Rejuvenating Deluxe Facial (50 minutes)
Soothing cleansing with Orange Cleansing Souffle with steam followed by Advanced Firming Complex and Triple C & E Complex. These vitamins work together to reduce and prevent blackheads and clogged pores. It revives skin, obvious lines and wrinkles diminish.Hand and Foot moisturizing treatment.

$ 60

Paraffin Moisturizing Deluxe Facial (50 minutes)
Soothing cleansing followed by an exfoliation cream mask. Three serums lay before warm paraffin gauze mask is applied. Once paraffin is set as mask is removed relieving hydrated and brightened radiant skin.

$ 60

Mini Anti-Aging Facial (30 minutes)
Essential Facial with 10 minutes session of Microdermabrasion or 10 minutes session of Microcurrent.

$ 60

Anti-Aging Facial (70 minutes)
AHA Cleansing Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent Facial (20 minutes) LED Rejuvanation Lamp lifting/firming treatment. Includes concentrated serums and custom moisturizer with sunscreen.

$ 125

Eye Treatment
Uses Anti-Puffing Serums, Microcurrent and Brightening Mask to relive stressed and tired eyes.

$ 25 & Up

Introducing our New Deluxe Facial

“Barrier Recovery Sleeping Masque”

A three in one luxurious wash off hydrating masque, hybrid sleeping masque and moisturizing crème. Apply Orange Cleansing Soufflé and steam followed by our new product Barrier Recovery Masque that impacts long lasting softness and hydration. Smoothes rough, flaky skin recovering a healthy glow. Detoxifies pollutants. Infuses revitalizing antioxidants softening lines and wrinkles. Hand and Foot Moisturizing Treatment. (50 minutes)

$ 60


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